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 Resin Server | Application Server (Java EE Certified) and Web Server

resin 4.0.13 release notes

Web Profile TCK

  • EL - pass
  • EJB - 1 fail (timing, possible TCK bug)
  • JPA - pass
  • JSF - pass
  • JSP - pass
  • JSR-299 (CDI) - 1 fail (disputed TCK test)
  • JSR-330 (javax.inject) - pass
  • JSTL - 1 fail (ordering issue with map, possible TCK bug)
  • JTA - pass* (*JTA TCK includes CORBA tests which aren't required by WebProfile)
  • Servlet - pass

Resin Eclipse plugin update

The Resin eclipse plugin has been updated at

WebSocket API Update

We've updated the WebSocket API based on changes to the draft IETF specification, available in com.caucho.websocket.*. Since the specification itself is moving very slowly (but in incompatible ways), Resin's WebSockets can only be used with its own WebSocket client.

BAM Update

BAM has been updated to a cleaner Broker-Actor-Mailbox model, more closely matching traditional Actor APIs.

Comet/Async Updates

The Comet/Async networking code has been reworked, fixing some callback timing behavior with complete() calls.

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