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resin 4.0.26 release notes


Thanks to everyone who reported bugs in 4.0.24. We encourage people to report 4.0.26 bugs at

Thread Pool improvements

Resin's thread pool has been updated to improve the efficiency and reduce the number of threads spawned. Applications with spiky load should see better performance and lower overall thread use.

Resin's thread pool is described in Resin Application Server: Thread Pool.

Static File Performance

Resin's static file serving is now faster and more efficient with the operating system sendfile() support. Large files are sent directly from the file system to the HTTP socket by the operating system, minimizing Java overhead.

Resin's static file serving is described in Resin Web Server: Static Files.

jCache annotations: @CacheResult, @CachePut

Resin's jCache implementation has been updated, adding the new @CacheResult, and @CachePut Java Dependency Injection (CDI) annotations, which enable caching for any CDI-enabled bean.

A short tutorial is available at Java Cache Tutorial with Dependency Injection Method Annotations.

There is also a short tutorial on using the Java API for jCache at Java Cache Tutorial with Cache Dependency Injection (CDI).

Command Line Interface

Resin's command line interface introduces a new command that deletes deployed configuration

Example: undeploying configuration
    # deploy configuration
    resinctl config-deploy conf.jar
    # undeploy configuraton
    resinctl config-undeploy

Capability to save PDF report was added to pdf-report command.

Example: writing PDF report to a local file
    # create pdf-report
    resinctl pdf-report -local -local-dir /tmp

The PDF report is described in Resin Health System: PDF Report.

The command-line interface is described in Resin Application Server: Command Line Interface.

.deb package distribution

Default resin user and group is changed to www-data for Resin Daemon.

REST Administration Interface

New Resin REST interface provides an http(s) integration point. By default the interface is disabled. To enable the interface edit to set rest_admin_enable property to true. Also configure admin_user and admin_password.

Once the three prerequisites are met rest interface is available at its default url: http://locahost:8080/resin-rest

Example: Listing MBeans via REST
    curl  --user admin:secret http://localhost:8080/resin-rest/jmx-list

An overview of the REST interface is available at Resin Application Server: REST Interface.

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